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D8001 Up and Running Again

April 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

After a six month break D8001 is back up and running again, the pair of sheared bolts between the power unit and generator have been replaced. Its been a far from easy task, the first challenge was obtaining the spares, then very restricted access made removing the failed bolts very difficult, with the risk that debris could easily get inside the generator. For us in preservation it was not an option to remove the power unit and refit the gene so the work had to be carried out in-situ in the open over Winter

Before the new bolts could be fitted the holes required reaming out, again with limited access this was painfully slow and difficult, whilst carefully doing our best to avoid damage. We celebrated when the last bolt was replaced, but there was still considerable work to fully tighten and fit the split pins to secure the nuts as well as replacing everything that was removed for access.

Hopefully, this issue is now resolved once and for all, in time for operating season and the Epping to Ongar Diesel Gala at the end of the month, though we will continue to monitor the alignment of the nuts in future.

Thanks to Michael and Marco and all at the Epping to Ongar Railway for their help, encouragement and positivity over the last few months. 


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