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First Trains In New London Transport Livery

April 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On Sunday 20227 debuted in its new London Transport red livery at the Midland railway Trust, Butterley, having been recently finished by Boden's in Birmingham. The lined red is similar to the livery carried by 20142 as shown in the photo below, with a few subtle differences, 227 wears London Transport roundels rather than Metropolitan Crests and the number LT 8. The repaint was planned for the forthcoming LT Mainline Chiltern Line tour, now loosely scheduled for September.

There is still some work to do to paint the bogies, battery boxes etc, essential as the Norfolk sea air last year seems to have encouraged a little surface rust, in addition to the black bogies and undeframe the brake pipework will be highlighted highlighted in white, 

The last week has been spent preparing the loco for operation and being the school Easter holidays the two loco's in London Transport Livery have generated a lot of interest at Butterley. Including one family demanding to see their locomotives to photograph them, when asked what they meant by their loco's the father said he worked for London Underground and had made the journey to Butterley to see them - the loco's were later moved so he could take his pictures, but reminded that they were in fact owned by the CTLS and Michael Owen not London Transport.

Despite rain being forecast the weather held off and it was a busy day at the Midland Railway Centre, with 20227 and recently repainted GWR tank 5619 drawing the crowds and operating throughout the day. 

Thanks to the Midland Railway to allowing 227 to operate and to Lee for his hard work preparing the the engine. Steve and Lester for Bacon Cobs and and helping on the day. April is looking to be a very busy month with the D8001 at the Epping Ongar Diesel Gala next weekend.

Finally my favourite quote of the was from a female photographer I met on the bridge just down the line from Swanwick, she asked if she had missed the steamer going back to Butterley, when i said yes the reply was 'That's good I'm here to see the Twenty'  



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