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Thirty Years Ago Today - The Yorkshire Gyrator

May 02, 2016  •  3 Comments

It hard to believe but our first railtour the almost legendary 'Yorkshire Gyrator' ran 30 years ago today...

The tour ran from Sheffield to Knottingley where 20002 turned round nose first via the Leeds avoider and Harrogate to York for a lunch break, then back by the East Coast Mainline to Doncaster, Mexborough, Aldwarke and Treeton Junction back to Sheffield. A total of 157 miles was covered in the day, with the train consisting of 20002 and four Mark 2 coaches, of course it was a sell out with a ticket price of only £9. 

Today a five minute trawl of the internet finds the tour remembered as one of the best tour names of all times and one of the shortest (in train length) railtours, I personally will never forget the train pulling in to York Station and the sound under the Trainshed roof, it was amazing something really special. The tour went on the brilliant reviews in the press at the time, with David Maxey in Rail commenting on the furry Class 20 soft toy safety pinned to his shoulder and asking the burning question 'would you let your daughter marry a member of the Class 20 Society, the answer was its probably too early to say, but he would be able to give an opinion after a few more of the tours which followed over the next few years.

It was certainly a day that will be remembered for a long time by everyone that Gyrated around Yorkshire Thirty Years ago today, I'm not sure how many of us can still fit in the Souvenir T'shirts sold on the day !!!



Steve Elsey(non-registered)
My very first railtour . Only 15 year old but still got some good memories of that day
Richard Holt(non-registered)
My first ever tour. Brilliant.
Steve Grantham(non-registered)
I remember it well!
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