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20205 Latest - Restoration Nears Completion

February 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Following the top end overhaul at the end of last year, we had been running 20205 for around ten minutes under test it became apparent something was not right. The loco was immediately shut down down and after inspection it became apparent there was a problem with one of the cylinders.

We then started a strip down again removing cylinder heads and pistons, until it became apparent that where a connecting rod bearing was out tolerance it was starting to deteriorate and weld its self to the crankshaft. Luckily there was no damage to the pistons or liners, however the crankshaft needed to be polished up to remove any remnants of the bearing, see photo.

The power unit has now been checked and reassembled and is as good as new, with bearings to the correct tolerances fitted. This was completed in time for the planned mainline test run on 4th February, it's then all being well it's planned for 205 to work with 20227 at Ripple Lane on contract.   

Thanks to Lee, Michael O, Steve, Dom, Chris, Lester, Brian, Trev, Will, Rob and Bill for their efforts resolving this issue in addition to countless other jobs to get the loco restored to mainline running condition.


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