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Sherlock Holmes and the Class 20 Metropolitan Railtour

May 13, 2018
We tried our best to keep it secret, but rumours had spread so it wasn't too great a surprise that 20027 was named 'Sherlock Holmes' as part of the Class 20 Metropolitan...
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The Game Is a Foot...

April 29, 2018
They were true, as part of the railtour today 20227 will be officially named 'Sherlock Holmes' reviving the name of the Metropolitan-Vickers Locomotive also numbered 8 wh...
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Twenty Four Hours To Go...

April 28, 2018
With our imminent London Underground/Mainline tour to the Chiltern's, here's a clue to a special event tomorrow.
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Countdown to Another Metro Gnome ?

April 22, 2018
Only One week to go to 20227's follow up to the London Underground Railtour 1994's 'MetroGnome'. At the time this now classic tour was the first main line passenger tour...
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D8001 Up and Running Again

April 02, 2018
After a six month break D8001 is back up and running again, the pair of sheared bolts between the power unit and generator have been replaced. Its been a far from easy ta...
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