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The Ups and Downs Of The Epping to Ongar Spring Diesel Gala

April 25, 2017
Finally, D8001 has worked its first gala at the Epping to Ongar Railway last weekend, but the weekend was not without its ups and downs. Anyone who visits the line will b...
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The End Of the Line

April 18, 2017
According to Wikipedia, Project Ongar was the code name for 'the end of the line' for post war Royal Navy Torpedo development, according to the engineers working on it. T...
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First Trains In New London Transport Livery

April 17, 2017
On Sunday 20227 debuted in its new London Transport red livery at the Midland railway Trust, Butterley, having been recently finished by Boden's in Birmingham. The lined...
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D8001 Ready To Go...South

April 10, 2017
After a very long day last Thursday all the faults on D8001 were finally resolved, the wiring to the firebell in the cab, a blown fuse on a traction motor blower, compres...
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Quite A Busy weekend...and First Glimpse of 227's Repaint

April 04, 2017
The repaint of 20227 to London Transport red has just been completed at Boden's, Birmingham and transport has been arranged to return the loco the Midland Railway, Butter...
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