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August 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A lot was achieved last weekend following a couple of months cleaning and repainting the engine compartment of 20001 01 is looking better than new, see the before and after pictures below. Steve  Painted all the orange electrical conduit and Chris scraped and painted red all the fire bottle frame and pipes, years of dust and rubbish was cleared was scraped from under the air filter frames behind the blower motors. We'll have to buy some cotton boots and white snooker gloves for when we put the power unit back in to keep it immaculate. 

All of the air tanks are now removed from 001 for the regular Insurance testing and inspection. Plus there was lots of cleaning and painting underneath to take advantage of the access with the reservoirs clear, including scraping and painting under and round back of  battery boxes a hard to get to place that's always susceptible to rust.

Thanks to Lee, Steve, Rob, Michael, Chris, Bill and Lester for their efforts over the weekend, its amazing the difference its made.

The engine compartment transformation from the oily mess after years of use above, to completely cleaned and repainted below, whilst the power unit is removed.

The Status of our Locomotive fleet is as follows -

As described above 2001 remains at Swanwick with power unit removed and generator under repair, it should be returned it the next few weeks for refitting and reinstatement. the turbo's are also removed and undergoing refurbishement, the sir tanks removed for testing.

20205 remains on hire at Ripple Lane, now solo for the time being. However she has returned to Butterley this weekend for a B exam, before returning on Monday.

A D exam is required on 20227 as well as a number of issues to be addressed, so she has returned to Swanwick to allow the work to be carried out over the next few weeks.

The long term restoration of 20007 and 057 continues at Butterley and at St Leonards with completion some time away.

Finally, Long term member and supporter of the society Dave Hunter sadly passed away recently our thoughts are with his family.


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