Annual General Meeting 2015

June 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Our biggest success of the year was the completion of the restoration of 20205, which allowed the popular ‘Mini Chopperfest’ to be held at Midland Railway in February. Thanks to Michael Owen for his support on this project and all of Lee’s hard work.

D8001 has returned to Butterley and repairs are now progressing after let downs and stalling for far too long, the generator and power unit have now been removed with the generator now at Bowers for repair. 20227 and 205 are both on hire at Dagenham tripping Eurotunnel freight trains, the monies raised will help to finance the repairs and overhaul works to D8001.

The paperwork is now largely complete for the change of the society to a charitable trust giving us tax advantages. Over the coming months we will need to update our constitution to the charitable format and properly cover our objectives. It is important to note that members will retain their voting rights for the trustees.

The works which are underway to 8001 were discussed in detail, these include repairs to the generator, a refresh of the turbo’s, replacing the injectors and fuel pumps. Plus whilst the power unit is removed we will take the opportunity to replace the balancer shaft bearings.

Following its bedding in period 20205 requires only minor running maintenance, whilst 20227 will require a D exam and some refreshing the brakes and hoses when the current hire contract is complete.  

The meeting then discussed society’s accounts which with hire income are in a much better position than last year and our planned outgoings needed to cover work to the locomotives over the coming year. We thanked Teresa for her continuing support with the accounts for tax.

Discussion moved on to cover our home base at the Midland Railway Trust, we are planning to contribute towards the expansion of the diesel shed with the five other groups to ensure covered accommodation and will contribute towards forthcoming track replacement work in the yard. We continue to participate and play an important part in the diesel group.

As part of any other business the need to maintain common sense health and safety was discussed. To improve the site, there are plans to tidy the yard at Butterley, which will result in our coach and BG being relocated, we will take the opportunity to get some repainting done and improve the access platform.

The committee were re-elected for the period up to becoming a charitable trust, they thanked Michael Owen and the dedicated band of regular volunteers whose support has ensured a successful year and looked forward to their continuing support in what will be a busy but very eventful future. 


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