Thanks to whoever fixed the coach door handle - Latest Fleet Update

April 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

As usual there is a lot going on up and down the country with our small fleet of loco's, its thanks to a dedicated band of volunteers that we are able to keep going, so thanks to Lee, Lester, Steve, Michael, Will, Trevor and Chris for your efforts over the past few months, apologies if I've missed anyone out.

Back at Butterley 20001 the power unit has been removed and the generator is almost disconnected to allow a repair to be carried out. Whilst the power unit is removed Steve has progressed cleaning out the bedplate and paint all those area's such as the inside of the roof that you cant reach with the power unit in place.  There appears to have been some damage to the bogie leaf springs where the loco has been transported without the engine mounting bolts being evenly secured and the mounting rubbers in a poor state, to be investigated and resolved. Regular maintenance such as charging the batteries is ongoing and there are plans to complete numerous other tasks over the coming months.

20007 has been inspected and is now at St Leonards, more details to follow.

Both 20205 and 227 are on hire at Ripple Lane, regular maintenance is ongoing and a couple of minor tweaks being required to 205 following its recent refurbishment. The income from the mainline hire is allowing us to get the refurbishment work carried out to 20001's generator, purchase spares and invest for future and help to ensure the loco's long term operation is preservation.  


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