20205 Top End Overhaul

December 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

After some initial test runs, 20205 has been in for a major mechanical overhaul, the engine was purchased eighteen years ago with the Holy Grail of having low engine hours and a recent works overhaul. However, the time spent standing hasn't helped and although the power unit started and ran a couple of test trains with 20227 at the Midland Railway, it was passing sufficient oil probably through the valve stem seals to show work was urgently needed.   

The engine was then moved to the main engineering workshop at Swanwick, the roof removed and engine strip down commenced, over the next few weeks Seven new Piston Liners will be fitted, New Pistons, one cracked cylinder head replaced along with New big end shells. All will be fitted with new Nuts, Bolts and Gaskets to complement the newly overhauled Injectors, Turbo's and Fuel pumps. It has also given us an opportunity to clean out the waterways through the block, to ensure the radiators did not clog up again and clean out the sump and replace the oil. The work is planned to be complete by Christmas allowing load bank testing and then some more proving runs.

In addition 20057 has been moved into main shed with work started to tidy up the bodywork and make the loco weather-tight, with a coat of primer.

Thanks to Lee, Michael O, Steve, Dom, Brian, Chris, Lester, Will, Trev, Rob and Paul for their Stirling efforts over the past few months.





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