Restoration Update 20205, plus news on 227

November 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A lot of hard work done this weekend by Lee, Lester, Michael, Steve, Trev, Will, and Chris

227’s dodgy oil pump removed and replaced by refurbished one delivered from Bowers just in time during the week (Feel free to chip in chaps).  Brake blocks replaced and some work will be required on the wheel-sets involving a lift in the longer term. The sandboxes were refitted having been removed for work on London Transport. The hand water fill pump was also replaced. A C exam was completed and signed off, plus two jammed brake slack adjusters were freed avoiding a potentially big problem.

Work continued finishing paneling and completing the cab in 20205, both loco's were fuelled. A number of minor electrical issues were worked through including a short in the cab lighting. So amazingly by end of Saturday they both seemed as ready as they could be for mainline running together apart from an oil leak on 20205 being it’s caused by wrongly set injectors, which should hopefully resolved by the time you read this.



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